Account Receivable Financing

Many businesses wait weeks, even months to get paid on their outstanding account receivables. This typically creates major cash-flow issues as they provide their goods and services and absorb those costs until they eventually get paid sometimes 90 days later.

With our Account Receivable Financing you can regularly secure money against their receivables in as little as 24 hours. And you can get rates less than 2% and financing as high as $20,000,000 even with severely challenged personal credit.

Easy Qualification Process

Account receivable financing is very easy to qualify for as you won’t need financials or good credit to get approved.

To qualify for AR Financing your business must be open for at least 12 months. The lender will review your existing receivables or purchase orders, and will look into the company that your receivables are with.

If the companies who owe you money have a good history of paying their debts, you can easily be approved regardless of your personal credit quality.

Do You Have Credit Issues Now?

Our Account Receivable Financing program is perfect for business owners who have credit issues. Lenders are not looking for, nor do they require good credit to qualify. You can even be approved and advanced 80% of your receivables, even with severely challenged personal credit and low credit scores.

You can be approved with a personal credit score lower than 500, even if you have recent derogatory items and major collections on your credit report. Lenders truly don’t care about your personal credit, they care more about the credit of the company who you have the receivables with.

This is one of the best and easiest business financing programs in existence that you can qualify for and get really good terms even if you have severe personal credit problems.

FAST Funding!

After the lenders review your account receivables you can receive your initial approval and funding in 3 weeks or less. After you are initially approved you will be able to get paid on future receivables within 24 hours.

Really Low Rates Regardless of Credit!

With our AR financing program, you can get approved with really low rates even if you have severe credit challenges. In almost all cases your rate will be 2% or less even if your personal credit scores are less than 500.

This means you can get paid tomorrow instead of waiting weeks or months to get paid, and you can do this for less than the cost of you accepting a credit card payment from your customers.

There are very few other programs in existence that can give you these low rates even if you have severe personal credit challenges.

Powerful Benefits!

** 24-hour pre-approval

** Rates less than 2%

** Easy account receivables review for approval

** Get approved with very bad credit

** Get approved with no revenue requirements

** Receive an advance of 80% of your receivables

** Receive other 20% less fee after invoice is paid

** No application fees

** Application to funding in 3 weeks or less

** Get paid on future receivables in 24 hours

Get Approved for account receivable financing.

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